Dear Players

You can now use AutoPatch to update your client instead of downloading patches manually.

We recommend always start the game from AutoPatch to stay updated to the last patch released.

Best Regards,

Thunder-Online Team

Chapter III - Reborn Evolution

Dear Players

Current Patch: 2302

We are releasing Chapter III updates during these days.

Patches will be released daily or every 2 days and then we will release a full client version to download.

We are releasing patches so we can find all the bugs and issues on the updates before staring, so always report all bugs and issues and we will be glad to reward you back.

Best Regards,

Thunder-Online Team

Report a bug and get reward

Dear players,

Now you can report any kind of bugs you found in your way and get reward for it and that goes for game and website issues, click on the picture on the right hand side and fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Thunder-Online Team


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Last Patch :  2302

Last Client : 2285 (1 GB)

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